Sunday, January 10, 2010

DRIVE: poetry

After a drive to Bellingham, to see an old friend.


IN TIME you shall remember me

When you have known all there is to know

But what will you know?

Miles walked, and further still, until

You fall into grace-given sleep

I believe in your past, as I believe in your future

As I believe in the sutures hidden beneath your skin

Scars you will wear forever, and

will never see

Grace be, and yet she has abandoned me

Swept away, like sand I cannot hold

The tighter I grasp

The more falls through my fingers

I sit, bled dry, yet bleeding still

Just a ghost of my bones remains

Just ashes and dust, scattered across

The cold and cracked earth

Pull my hair up

Hang my head down

The Old Flame is dying

and all the hands are shivering.

You, my child, must know as well

like all things, this too must end.

December 2008, drinking whiskey