Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As part of my blog housecleaning, I've decided to insert the short stories in-between the chapters of the novel, mostly because I couldn't think of anything better, and partly because it seemed like a nice opportunity for a bit of a breather.

EDITED TO ADD: Looks like the inserting of anything is an Epic Fail—changing the order of links in the sidebar doesn't change the order the blog wants to see them, which makes thing REALLY CONFUSING. The short stories will have to wait until I learn how to do things the right way.
EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: The best way to navigate is to click through the sidebar to the right. Hitting "Older Post" or "Newer Post" (at the bottom) will take you through the order in which I posted everything, which is unfortunately The Most Backwards and Convoluted Way Possible.
Eh, the best laid plans of mice and... well.. all the other electronic peripherals.

None of these shorts are new—this is just a bit of reorganizing.
I'm sure I'm going about this the absolute longest way possible; someone with any kind of coding experience probably knows a far easier way for me to go about all this... but until I bother to recruit some help, bear with the clumsy assembly of the pieces.