Monday, March 21, 2011


Forgive me while I reboot this. You'll notice a few things have changed.
I'm trying to manipulate the format so this reads a little more like web page than a blog...
I don't write particularly linearly (as anyone who has tried to navigate the previous incarnation of this site will undoubtedly know), and so the linear format of a blog wasn't exactly conducive to my 'snap the puzzle pieces wherever they fit' kind of writing style.
But my plan is to serialize the novel here, and share the pieces as they arrive, in fashion that makes a little more sense.

I have completely dumped the old posts, opting for posting the Great-Beast-of-a-Novel in some semblance of order.

This is the stage just before a first draft, known commonly as "Draft Zero." Yes, I know zero isn't really a number—it's a place holder in the absence of a number. Look, I don't name this stuff. Point being, there will be spelling and grammatical errors abound. I know they're there, and I will (theoretically) fix them when the manuscript is finished. Which, judging by how fast I've written so far, should be just after we've colonized Mars.

Thanks for reading. No really... you both mean a lot to me.