Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome to a Great Chasm of Pretending

Wherein I test-drive a number of works-in-progress. This is my proving ground, so to speak, for my world of fiction - from short stories that I've dug up from the dust and ashes, to new pieces that may eventually find their way to the anthology that I have been very slow to assemble (I had some ill-conceived notion that I'd finish it by the end of last year—hahahaha) .
This is self-motivation is its most simple - if I think people are reading, I'll more likely continue to write.

This will also feature the working draft of my most ambitious narrative to date: The Novel That Has Existed Mostly In My Head For Years, also known as MILES.

I've toyed with the building blocks of this blog a few times, and will likely do so a great many more times before this is finished. I'm dividing each chapter into 600-800 word chunks, because that's what I've decided looks okay on a page. This is all a process for learning, after all.

I may throw in pieces from a Horror Script I'm piecing together, or a Science Fiction Series I'm piecing together - we'll figure all that out along the way. This blog will be a sort of "previews" catalogue for the small handful of projects I have in development.
And so - because in a past life I was once a College Radio Personality - I close with "Thanks for Tuning In."