Sunday, January 10, 2010


Curious imagination stream while walking along the eastern beach of Whidbey Island, maybe 2006, and dreaming about the Kraken. Because that's normal.


formless and nameless in the endless sea,

deep within the bowels of the earth,

she is sleeping

black and green

deep and dark

and slowly churning

every deep breath an earthquake

rumbling from the bottom of the ocean

a quiet roar that i feel in my bones

. . .

scratched across desert sands

my hands tired and bruised

painting faces in the endless earth

the words and history

the voices of a thousand years

still echo, deep within my mind

a thousand years and each breath

lasts a lifetime

. . .

and she dreams

monstrous dreams

of the sea sucked up

and tumbling the earth into her terrible maw

for she shall awake

and swallow the world

. . .

and i, a shadow of myself

a small and broken thing

. . .

quiet echoes through the halls and caverns

and dusty footprints to mark my passage

time has come and time has gone again

and if time had no end there would be no need

but i am writing the universe

pages upon pages

and when there is no more paper

and i am writing on the earth

so that someone will remember

. . .

i, a shadow of myself

if time allows

will take it all in

so that this will not be forgotten

i am

patiently waiting

pen and ink and steady hand

in a house at the end of the world